Entirely predictable.


The Obama administration has now declared its support for requiring women to register for Selective Service so they can be drafted if the need arise. We knew this was coming since the Pentagon has already ordered all military jobs open to women. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter actually believes that “the inclusion of women throughout the military’s echelons has strengthened the military’s might.” Conservatives are upset about Obama’s announcement, but not about Selective Service or the draft itself. In a free society there would be no Selective Service or draft. These things are necessary to fight offensive wars. If the country were actually invaded or under a real attack (not a false flag), Americans would voluntarily fight to repeal a real enemy. No Selective Service or draft would be needed to fight a defensive war.

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So what else can we predict? pc

Don’t ask me. I’m just a dum’ ol’ dog. Here, have a nice smile to help keep you from thinking about your own wife, daughter, sister, mother …


… granny, auntie … apple pie …



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