is it true that he’s a ‘Russian agent’? dat-ol-debbil-reality

Offered a Russian passport by no less than Beelzebu (oops) Dracul (oops) Putin, after actually requesting one?


myself. He’s got a craggy face. You can’t like guys with craggy faces or funny hair-dos. You don’t never need to not look at anything he does, or read what he writes, nor even listen to what he says*—

The problem with beating up on an administration before it exists and has a record is that the result can be that the administration becomes deaf to all criticism. It is much better to give the new president a chance …

Trump alone among all the presidential candidates said that he saw no point in fomenting conflict with Russia. Trump alone questioned NATO’s continued existence 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

PCR.pngTrump alone said that he would work to bring middle class jobs back to America.

And Trump said that he would enforce immigration laws. Is this racism or is this a defense of citizenship? How is the US a country if there is no difference between illegal aliens and citizens?

Commentators of all stripes are making a mistake to damn in advance the only government that campaigned on peace with Russia, restoring middle class jobs, and respect for the country’s borders …

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Nope. Ya just can’t trust someone who makes you think. Brrrrr~!cerberus-2 Personally I like that nice Mr Tony Blair (great smile!), and the even more nicer Mr Billy Clinton (what a pity his absolute honey of a spouse* got beaten by yet another craggy-face)(but there ya goes, huh?) And where’s ol’ George Bush when yer needs him, hmmm? Still serving his interests country in Vietnam, is he? (No wonder that with a war record like his* he was so keen to fight for Liberty, Truth, Justice and Freedom once made president.)

* The very paradigm of integrity, no?


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