TRUMPS screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-20-27-10

And everyone is surprised?

The big surprise for me will be if he lives much longer …

One suspects that Trump himself must have been surprised by the magnitude and enthusiasm of the following he attracted. After all, he is not a sociologist, a political scientist, or even an experienced politician. However one might label him, though, he had stumbled onto a cultural time-bomb waiting for a detonator. Thus, he was not so much the man of the hour as he was the right tool for the task a great many people yearned to see carried out.

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Furthermore, to anyone actually surprised by what seems to have happened in the great paradigm of Democracy, Truth, Justice, and Freedom for all: please wake up …










8 thoughts on “TRUMP

  1. If he’s not impeached before, he won’t run again. He’ll step down (knowing the first round was a fluke) and say “I’ve done what I said, America is GREAT again, now let a real politician finish what I began…”

    Then again, his ego is so big he might just roll the dice again…


    1. It would be nice if he achieves. The mechanisms of government can simply refuse to serve, which might cost a few their pensions; or swallow the bullet and do their best.

      Again: they can’t watch over him 24/7 against all determined comers. And he may yet surprise.


      1. No, he won’t. He has no concept of “changing” the way government/policy is conducted. He doesn’t even understand how (the US) government is run. He thought the Supreme Court could be ordered to hear cases. He’s so far out of his depth he’s the accidental Manchurian Candidate.

        He ran to get revenge on Obama’s roasting of him. There was no thought beyond that, and that’s frightening.


      2. Expression comes to mind: “Between the devil and the deep blue sea” … also “You get the government you deserve” (which I think is a bit rough on the law abiding).

        It’s gonna be a long next few years …


  2. It certainly seems true, that once you achieve a high enough office then your pension plan is pretty well unassailable (despite what’s written in the guide books). I’ll be very surprise if the nice Mrs Clinton, her husband, or Ms Merkel of Germany ever have to ‘pay’ for their actions regardless of damages done. ‘High enough’ means beyond responsibility, culpability and reparations. No?


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