until something goes POP and you have utter collapse instead of just mere catastrophe.


much about India and really care only for the innocents—hoping that finally someone somewhere will get their acts together and sort out their ‘leaders’ (it’s been done before—I often use Italy and the late Mussolini as example). But no-one deserves this—

… for one is deemed to be guilty until proven otherwise. People with perfectly legal cash are afraid of cameras recording their purchases and having to pay outrageous bribes. After an adjustment period people will buy more — not less — gold. For now, the gold market has gone mostly underground with the gold price hovering around US$1,700 per ounce. Did Modi want to boost the informal economy?

dat ol' debbil Reality.pngThe Cultural and Political Undercurrent

The individual has been reduced to a cog in a big machine that exists in Modi’s imagination. The country is expected to rally behind him, for his glory.  The IMF is going along with Modi, for in their simplistic view, enforcing western-style institutions on India will lead to the replication of western economic development and the rule of law in India.

Not that increasingly totalitarian and centralized governing institutions work even in the West, but in the alien culture— irrational and tribal — of India, they rapidly mutate and become very corrupt. That is, unless such institutions are run by Europeans. But the days when Britain ruled India are over.

In the irrational and extremely tribal society of India, where calculation and planning are much more difficult, institutions must be much more decentralized than in the West if they are to function properly. At the moment Modi is doing the exact opposite: rapidly increasing his centralized control.

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start here.png


What the hell is the relevance of the above, to me?*


when the ‘price’ of gold measured in currency units (you know, dollars, yen, rupees, pounds, Euros, pesos, rupiahs, bahts and stuff) goes exponential you can bring to mind the famous 4-step advice—

(a) bend over

(b) stick your head between your legs

(c) pucker up, and

(d) kiss your butt goodbye


* That’s a rhetorical ‘me’ of course—meaning thee, not moi.

(As for our cartoon image above? His name—you’ll love this—is Reality …)


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