I made decades ago is soon up for plucking. (I was actually expecting it long before now, but I will be a prophet without honour because everyone will be seeing the obvious)

we are in for a bumpy ride


Anyway, here’s your quote. But if the All Blacks are in to bat, or the Wallabies are Wannebees, or the Lions are roaring at Les Coqs, or the Dodgers are clobbering the White Sox at the Army/Navy game; or even if Lassie is Coming Home — don’t bother. Some things are more important …

your quote:

Doug Casey: All of the Italian banks are bankrupt truly and totally at this point, so who’s going to kiss that and make it better? Is the rest of the European Union going to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to make the average Italian depositor well again? I don’t think so. At this point, there’s an excellent chance that Italy is going to get rid of both the euro and the EU. After the UK, Italy will be the next to go.

Europe’s terminal condition is increasingly hard to hide, its symptoms obvious; they are even making headlines now.

Deutsche Bank, one of the biggest banks in the world, is underwater by scores of billions of euros. In fact, most of the banks in the world are essentially bankrupt and will go under once the economy turns down in earnest. What are the central banks going to do? Bail them out? Or let them go under? If they let them go under, it’s going to lead to an economic catastrophe without precedent. People will lose their savings, day-to-day commercial activities will be disrupted, businesses will collapse and the entire economy will come to a screeching halt. On the other hand, if they bail them all out through even more freshly printed money, currencies will lose all value. It’s a disaster either way.

At the end of the day, actions have consequences. They’ve been experimenting and tinkering with the world’s economy and monetary system for decades now and finally the price will have to be paid.

to read from source: CLICK HERE

Especially I like (nay, I love. I adore~!!) that final para. It makes me do a Billy Connolley “Oh, yeah?” followed by a loud derisive “Paid by who? Whom?” (and who exactly is going to make them pay?)

Sure —We The Proles will have to pay. And we will.

They have the guns, and for their desperate troopers, the butter. Soldiers too gotta eat and feed their families, and when it comes to the crunch soldiers will do exactly as they have been trained: they will obey without question. How’s it go—even the two little possum guys on the Ice Age movies do it—



Hee hoo controls the biggest and mostest weapons without qualms, rules.


Any takers?*


* Hah~! I thought not …


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