(am I still allowed to call it ‘black’mail?)*

Try this for a cat—

America has always given a very high precedence to conscientious objections, but increasingly, rights of conscience are being marginalized. Religious liberty is much more than merely having the freedom to attend church, synagogue, or mosque. It is the freedom to actually live out your religious beliefs—even ones that may not be politically correct or agreeable to high fashion designers—every day of the week. 

—to nonchalantly toss among your pigeons.pc

To read from source: CLICK HERE  … or not.

But be warned—if you refuse to read me then you are actively discriminating against me and I shall have no compunctions about sending the Feds, cops, army, and any other Thought Police heavies around to politely put you right about exactly what you can and can not do.

It’s a Free country and I will not allow your petty judgements or desires to ruin that!

Got it?


* How about the more Politically Correct “hue-neutral mail”? Or perhaps, as in my cute black doggie logo above … “totally absorbent of all optical electro-magnetic wavelengths”?

(Dammit—I should have been a lawyer. There’s up-and-coming fortunes to be made out there from current trends.)



2 thoughts on “BLACKMAIL~!

  1. A thought—if we are to allow unrestrained ‘freedom of religion’ … does that mean that any Muslim may ‘marry’ six-year-old girls, and legally screw (it means copulate with) them on and after their ninth birthday?


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