screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-18-09-27never to be confused

with Eddie de Bono’s poor attempt to rewrite the English word ‘suppose’. (I too have always wanted to put a word into the language, but his attempt* was truly pathetic.)

Moving on …


(and I suggest you ponder my motives)—

Poe’s law

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Poe’s law is an Internet adage which states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, parodies of extreme views will, to some readers, be indistinguishable from sincere expressions of the parodied views.[1][2][3]


“Poe’s law” was originally written by Nathan Poe in 2005, in a post on christianforums.com, an Internet forum about Christianity. The post was written in the context of a debate about creationism, where a previous poster had remarked to another user “Good thing you included the winky. Otherwise people might think you are serious.”[4] Poe then replied, “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is uttrerly [sic] impossible to parody a Creationist in such a way that someone won’t mistake for the genuine article.”[1] The original statement of Poe’s law referred specifically to creationism, but it has since been generalized to apply to any kind of fundamentalism or extremism.[3]

In part, Poe’s post reiterated advice often posted on internet forums, about the need to clearly mark sarcasm and parody (e.g. with a smiling emoticon) to avoid confusion. As early as 1983, Jerry Schwarz, in a post on Usenet, wrote:

Avoid sarcasm and facetious remarks.

Without the voice inflection and body language of personal communication these are easily misinterpreted. A sideways smile, :-), has become widely accepted on the net as an indication that “I’m only kidding”. If you submit a satiric item without this symbol, no matter how obvious the satire is to you, do not be surprised if people take it seriously.[5]


I try not use ‘winkies’.

I think most some folks are intelligent enough to figure it out for themself(s), whether the ol’ dog is taking the peshabi or not. Kontext is the cey.


* ‘Po’. Yeuch. I believe he’s Maltese and perhaps English a second language (never easy, learning English would make any Maltese cross). But all else aside, the man is extremely educated and waaaaaaay more accomplished than me. I. Whatever … now get thee back to the coincidentally named Law in question.



Royal Navy:  Navy-navy-navy!  Rah-rah-rah~!

Tot time already?.png

“Wot? Retake the Falklands? Again? Hang on mate, we’re coming as fast as we can!”

Brrrr …

Two thoughts:

(1) here’s your quote—

Rear-Adml Chris Parry, said: “It’s a significant capability gap and the Government is being irresponsible. It just shows that our warships are for the shop window and not for fighting.”

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 22.58.36.pngto read the article:  CLICK HERE

If the Royal Navy (of the once-great Britain) can’t afford missiles for its ships, and must go back to using good ol’ guns … how come the Brit government can afford to import many tens of thousands of swog migrants, for the dole, who integrate with the locals as reliably as oil with water?

Don’t ask me. I’m just a dum ol’ dog—

—go ask your blasted MP (if it’s still sober).

Bring aft the rum, Jim!


(A couple of tots— and then who needs missiles or guns, hey, when you’ve still got cutlasses?)


this image of an Islamic scholar

doing field research.

Islamic scholar.png

It’s my guess he makes up in enthusiasm what he lacks in training, but that can be fixed*. As for his tools, if he goes to Mecca and asks the Head Hijab I’m sure they can stop flogging infidels long enough to flog him a cheap brush.


he’ll let his thirst for knowledge rule, and good on him. As they say, ‘to the victor the spoils‘ and I’m fairly sure that the greater intellect who created those artefacts doesn’t really give a damn.


a monument near you: Islamic scholars and the new modern ‘short-cut’ archaeology. (Just look how long it would have taken with the Bamiyan Buddhas if some genius hadn’t invented dynamite, the archaologist-in-a-hurry’s friend.)

Today, Nimrud.

Tomorrow, Stonehenge …


* With a speeding bullet …





and my apologies.

Yesterday’s post ‘Long Post’ contained a u-toob video link that should have taken you to this one—

—not to a reprise of an earlier one. Sadly with the wrong link the whole thing makes little sense (and I come across as even more Politically Incorrect) (I can live with that …)

cerberus-2So if you do watch the above, you’ll see what yesterday’s post was all about. An observation I’ve made—these SWOGs may seem debaters but as soon as any of their ‘points’ are illuminated they get twitchy, scratchy, abrasive and downright hostile.

Coming soon to your home—be warned.

Or not … inshallah …




pcfriendly wee fellow (video, below) is what I what would call a SWOG. (Meaning:  a Semi Westernised Oriental Gentleman. Only semi, note; sadly it would take too many lifetimes to lift him and his perverted ilk out of their disgusting primeval swamp.)


yes, I actually do. He is honest, up front, unabashed, and open.

Okay … he forces the interviewer into a position of mutual bad manners but that’s only because the damned interviewer refuses to roll over, stick all four paws up in the air and with a smile of all sweet accord say “Take me, I’m yours.”

Oink oink oink.png


SWOGs in these u-tubes he blusters from a point of totally unashamed arrogance. And pignorance.


good people … we have two worlds in collision (Velikovski never envisaged this one, I tell you). And as they (Kipling) say “East is east, and west is best west, and never the twain shall meet”.


traditions of Free Speech, Truth, Justice, equality and Liberty. For all, even for SWOGs determined to take over the whole world and make it into a SWOG state. I was born in a London that no longer exists in an England that no longer exists. Western values; Truth, Free Speech, Equal Rights, and Democracy are being sucked out by especially imported parasites. Not good.


take a leaf from their own book (other than as toilet tissue, I mean) and tell the world that Islam is no longer acceptable to us. The ultimatum—convert to one of our approved religions, or

get the hell out of Dodge

and go back to the Islamic Paradise

that you are running from.

And get off of the dole provided for the natives—earn your own keep legitimately or far cough. By the way, our law here is that wives are strictly rationed to one each. And having sex with little girls used to be frowned on. Nine-year-olds? Go home, you animal. So now you may just have a few judgement calls to make, Swog. Inshallah …

Cerberus 2.png










Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the two shall meet,

Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat***

KISMET +.png

* Yes, Little Virginia, that is indeed sarcasm.

** Yhese days they’d arm-wrestle with an orangoutang (and win).

*** And then see just whose side He’s on. Maybe Stalin was right …



the ‘two minutes’ point …

If you really want, you may tell me how it ends. No, on second thoughts … this is actually how the end begins.

Yes, good people, this is how the end begins.

Luckily I’m an old dog and will be safely out of here before it gets too close to home—MY home … no kids, no pets, and no such personal investment in the future; nothing to lose.

But you?

It’s all yours—so enjoy your future with my blessing.

You worked for it …





pcbut don’t fret. I mean, who could ever trust a source labelled “Russia Today“?

So make of it what we will—

Terrorist recruiters in Europe have been focusing their energies on London and the southern English city of Portsmouth to find new fighters, a study from the US military shows.

According to a study from the Combating Terrorism Centre (CTC), recruiters from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda affiliate group, have established strong networks in the two English cities.

Portsmouth and the British capital are thought to attract extremists because their large migrant communities offer easy access to “high numbers of potential recruits who are potentially under social-economic stress.”

—which even if you did think about it in a modern western democracy can’t amount to much.

Think, yes. Speak, no.

Silence today isn’t golden—it’s survival. PC at its best.

The study also revealed that most militants had “basic” formal religious education and that recruiters prefer such volunteers as they are “less capable of critically scrutinizing the jihadi narrative and ideology.”

I love that last line—

cerberus………………………—it means “cannot think for themselves” (as in organic robots).


Just keep on guzzling your favourite tipple for as long as it stays legal— which once the nice Muslims take over (Sharia Law no longer limited to wee enclaves but becoming ubiquitous) won’t be long. We’ll have to trade in our Champagnes, beers, and fine whiskeys, and just celebrate our weddings Christenings Mohammedings and things with bursts of machine-gun fire …

“Mr Argus! Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … that sounds dangerous?”

“Not really kiddo. They shoot into the air, you see—”

“But surely what goes up must come down, Sir?”

“Of course, Child. But please don’t tell them that~!”


if not indoctrinated by birth environment* why do British young people adopt Islam and toddle off overseas to cut the heads off of disbelievers? Is it an educational failure, is our own ‘culture’ not getting through to them?

Is it because we simply are not allowed in our schools to point out that such behaviour is just a wee tiny bit anti-social?

Has PC tied the already silent voices of the gutless?


  • Born Islamic you’re doomed to a shuttered mind right from the start. (Especially when the erstwhile ‘government’ of where you live ignores the problem.) (The ‘too hard‘ baskets are overflowing, no?)