By their sins? You know—integrating with the locals. Blending in. Assimilating, becoming good citizens and all that stuff? (Sin don’t get no sinnier than that~!)

Some commentators went as far as to accuse the authors of the poll, as well as the party they support, of harboring racist views and disregarding the contribution of the Muslim workers to the society. 

to read from source: CLICK HERE

Ye gods! By the Prophet’s very (peace be upon him)(and his dog) beard, I swear they’ll be wolfing roast pork and bacon sandwiches next~!

But wait, there’s more miracles in line—

“Many Muslims have a problem with the word ‘Christmas’ and it is debated whether the Christmas markets should be renamed to winter markets… And as far as Christmas money is concerned suddenly no one Muslim has a problem with the word ‘Christmas,’ he argued.


too. I want to be me, to hold my own hard-earned beliefs and prejudices. I like having non-mainstream (okay, dammit … non PC) views. Frankly I don’t give a stuff for PC—and it’s about time everyone thunk thought for themselves rather that accepting the mindless pap their betters keep force-feeding them. pc

I don’t mind in the least being labelled a ‘racist’.

I also like women, so I’m a sexist.

All humans should be equal in the eyes of The Law, so I’m a Male Chauvinist sexist atheistic heathen pork swilling rum soaked dog loving pig (not a Muslim, you see …)

For God’s sake (hey, and Mrs God’s too) People:please get your blasted self-respect together* and go spit in the eyes of anyone falsely labelling you.

THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT—  spins-down.gif(click it, to go there)


—and I see no reason why Muslims should be denied religious freedom (other than their anti-social behaviour based on their foul and filthy vicious credos).cerberus-2

Even offering them a Christian bonus is force, trust me.

Ringing Christmas bells within earshot of a Muslim is acoustic aggression (and intimidation); all clappers to be removed forthwith …

Xmas lights, garlands, decorations in the streets—all are aggressions.

… we really don’t want to offend anyone, do we?


* If you have any left …

3 thoughts on “MERCENARY ISLAMS

    1. Bingo!
      I had a thought: how about if we do exactly what they do, just change the names?
      Would we get called out by The Law?
      Too damned right we would. (I actually used to believe (once) that stuff about “all equal before The Law” … )

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