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Easily the finest example of illogical wannabe Politically Correct ‘thinking’ I have ever seen.

We should have these people stuffed …

But first, your backgrounder:

To drive that, a Swedish risk specialist and philanthropist is offering a $5 million prize for the best idea to create a new international decision-making system capable of tackling the world’s intractable issues, from extreme poverty to the spread of nuclear weapons and growing environmental damage.

“Today’s risks are so dangerous and so global in their nature that they’ve outrun the international system’s ability to deal with them,” said László Szombatfalvy, who fled from Hungary to Sweden in 1956 as a refugee, and later made a fortune in the stock market.

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yet? No?

Okay, Clue Time: some great philosopher once murmured to the effect “think in other dimensions.” Some other genius growled to the effect “if you keep on doing the same old thing ya gonna keep on getting the same old results.” Duh.


get the prize anyway so I’ll table my brilliant ideas here, and if anyone wishes they may claim them as their own and feel free.

The solution offered in the ref’d article leans toward (okay, advocates) not only more ‘United’ Nationing but a bigger and better United Nations.

I like it (yes—that is sarcasm). I adore anyone who, if it doesn’t work the first seventy years, let’s do it again, and hang in there with it. Actually, it will never work but in the meantime does keep some people off the streets, away from productive jobs, in nice suits and posh cars.


let me give you one last quote (same source):

Entries for the New Shape Prize close on May 24, 2017, and the winning idea will be chosen by a panel of academic experts and a high-level international jury.

Make of that what you will—a panel of experts (academic experts, wow~!) and a jury (high-level, wow some more). Talk about no-one getting the blame if it all goes belly up—spread the risk, gotta be democratic about this.


inconceivable, and “They’re not yet ready for this, Jim!” novel solution:


(Wot? That’s it? Awwk!)

But education with a difference.


don’t teach ’em ‘facts’. Facts change to suit time and place. Facts are fashion, mostly.

Just teach ’em how to think


Think. Think? Brrrr. None of that delightful socially compliant boss-pleasing Politically Correct rubbish but objective reasoning based on Reality. Genuine facts (discernment, anybody?).


boofhead to the point where he or she can (and does) think for himself. Herself. Itself. Theirself(s). (It’s not easy, is it, being PC? I think I’ll stay with traditional.)

It may hurt all round to get folks thinking but once they are they’ll no longer be boofheads. And there’ll be no need for ever-increasing self-dividing mass multiplying exponentially-growing organisations like United Nationses and EU’s and such.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … where does their five million dollars come from?”

“Don’t ask, Kid. You may embarrass someone …”


again? Of course:

“Education not based on Reality isn’t education, it’s propaganda.”


Concur? Oh good—there’s hope for us yet.

So if your education and Reality contradict each other, just always remember that there are no such things as contradictions.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 17.54.01.png

I come in peace, love, and friendship. Give me a hug~!


hugless in Seattle.png

As an innocent bystander she really shouldn’t be there, so close to cold water on a day like this she might catch something. The United Nations should make a ruling about it …


5 thoughts on “IN A NUTSHELL,

  1. We should have a bigger, better UN. Name change would be good, too. The author is right: our problems have far exceded national borders. We are facing extinction. We have to speak as one species, or this adventure is going to end ungracefully.


    1. I see where you’re coming from. Ideally of course we should have just one language … and get rid of all boundaries. Perhaps under just one religion, seeing that we have to have a religion, it seems.

      Bugger—I’ve just presented the case for Islam, it ticks all the boxes … (I think I’ll go eat my tail).

      The answer again lies in getting people to think.
      Rationally, outside of the box of indoctrination(s).
      And that, Sir, is the (r) THE great weakness.

      To your point, all that a bigger UN would achieve is bigger bills for we the plebs and more ever greater layers of parasitical bureaucracies. All of whom will need swish offices, fancy status-cars, levels of secretaries and support systems …

      Oh~! Bugger, you were playing Devil’s Advocate and I fell for it, again? Dum dog …

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