M is R 1.pngOff with their heads!

Well, we have Deniers … and we also have those denier deniers arrogantly blasting their opinions over the rest of us as if volume makes up for lack of substance. Not good. (But very popular.)

For myself I offer my opinions on the basis of “take it or leave it as you see fit” … and may your god(s) go with you. Or read on—

My opinions are the best I can synthesise from the materials on offer. Sometimes they clash with conventional (ie, popular) ‘thinking’ but every raving nutter from Hippocrates thru Galileo, Columbus, etc to Einstein and beyond had the same. Hell, one Doctor Semelweiss was locked away as barking mad for insisting that the medics of his time please wash their hands between dissecting over-ripe cadavers and delivering babies* (they often went straight from one to the other—that’s what those frock-coats were for, wiping hands on)(and the fouler they got, the better the doctor).

But I sometimes take umbrage when someone fires snide broadsides at we Conspiracy Nuts. Why?

Not because I am one (a given) but because all the world’s goops are coming to a nice boil right now, making sense only from the nutty viewpoint:

  • Either the people in the highest offices of this world are completely stupid


  • they are unarguably insane


  • they really are working to a concealed agenda of their own.

In the absence of evidence one has to use models (think global warming, computers, peak oil, and enthusiastic myopic eggheads scientists) and then run various scenarios through the mind—you know, that old ever-reliable “what if?”.

Doing such calls for a degree of imagination — and that’s where the pedantic dogmatic fall over. Unfortunately; their volume and vitriol fill the gap. Or is it fear?

But what if … we nutters are actually right?


* Can you even imagine it? Brrr~!

Some total idiot running around scaring folks with talk of tiny little animals (“So small you can’t actually see them … no, wait; they really are there! Really!”) being carried from corpse to birthing mother on the doctor’s hands;  tiny invisible little animals which then kill off the patients? Mad—! (No wonder they locked him up. Sheesh!)

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 00.21.06.png

2 thoughts on “DAMNED

    1. I love the movie ‘Forrest Gump’ … which reminds me; I bought a copy of but still haven’t rewatched ‘Apocalypse Now’ (saw it when contemporary but not since, although that “I loooove the smell of napalm in the morning” scene rings my bell.
      And now I’m off to water next door’s garden gnomes … you’re right, the sane ones are incarcerated whilst the insane elected to rule. Nothing new there, sadly.

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