Royal Navy:  Navy-navy-navy!  Rah-rah-rah~!

Tot time already?.png

“Wot? Retake the Falklands? Again? Hang on mate, we’re coming as fast as we can!”

Brrrr …

Two thoughts:

(1) here’s your quote—

Rear-Adml Chris Parry, said: “It’s a significant capability gap and the Government is being irresponsible. It just shows that our warships are for the shop window and not for fighting.”

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 22.58.36.pngto read the article:  CLICK HERE

If the Royal Navy (of the once-great Britain) can’t afford missiles for its ships, and must go back to using good ol’ guns … how come the Brit government can afford to import many tens of thousands of swog migrants, for the dole, who integrate with the locals as reliably as oil with water?

Don’t ask me. I’m just a dum ol’ dog—

—go ask your blasted MP (if it’s still sober).

Bring aft the rum, Jim!


(A couple of tots— and then who needs missiles or guns, hey, when you’ve still got cutlasses?)

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