and my apologies.

Yesterday’s post ‘Long Post’ contained a u-toob video link that should have taken you to this one—

—not to a reprise of an earlier one. Sadly with the wrong link the whole thing makes little sense (and I come across as even more Politically Incorrect) (I can live with that …)

cerberus-2So if you do watch the above, you’ll see what yesterday’s post was all about. An observation I’ve made—these SWOGs may seem debaters but as soon as any of their ‘points’ are illuminated they get twitchy, scratchy, abrasive and downright hostile.

Coming soon to your home—be warned.

Or not … inshallah …



2 thoughts on “CORRECTION

    1. I love it!

      But I’m a cynic. As for removing him? Hey … we’re importing them by the millions! Obviously our very own democratically elected Leaders think we need more of them.

      In the meantime as a non-Muslim I am at risk of termination by God’s serviles. I can live with that …


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