the best summary of Islam I’ve ever seen. Sadly, not mine. Moving on … what is Islam?

Hate me for this but whatever you do, don’t try to fault it—you might just reveal a lot you’d rather we didn’t know*.

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 09.22.22.png


are predicated on milking the unthinking, especially for wealth and self-perpetuating Power. If this revelation insults your religion, how so?

Isn’t yours uniquely the only unassailable Great Truth in history? And all others—hundreds, thousands, possibly even millions—false? (Yes or no, but delete ‘maybe’.)


be any different? It is, though.Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 08.13.15.png

Of all the insults to intelligence it is the supremo because it was cleverly thought out and emplaced by very ruthless people—and because it is entirely open about its motives (“We will take over the world~!”) and its methods (if thine enemy offend thee—chop the bastard’s head off—and rape the snot out of his women).


fall upon fertile ground?

Why aren’t rabid dogs disposed of on sight?


I wish ....png


our western ethic stands for the much maligned and (face it) own-foot-shooting ‘Freedom for all’?

Freedom for all: Truth, Justice, Liberty etc etc (you know how it goes) for everyone. Even for ‘wimmin’.  Even for the nice folks openly declaring that they are going to destroy our ‘freedoms’ and replace them with their own sick perversions.


we no longer teach (or even allow) the Free & Open Discussions once guaranteed.


pcSo we cannot think without facts. But we teach (and accept the notion) that some facts are verboten: they’re not nice, they’re embarrassing, unpleasant, upsetting (or even worse … politically incorrect).

You’ll find no PC on my site (unless illustrative).


or not—that what we are doing with our young folks today is the educational/rationality equivalent of handing them a loaded shotgun with instructions to blow their own feet off if they catch themselves thinking outside The Book. Whose Book? Don’t ask … don’t ever ask. Freedom?

Freedom that Islam joyously bellows is guaranteed by ‘The Book’.


Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 09.55.23.png


politically unacceptable cartoon—guaranteed to upset many (mirrors are unwelcome in the homes of the disfigured, no?) great thinkers; and if you are offended by it—


Eek~!.png—I suggest you check out the reasons for your sensitivities.

Given that contradictions are impossible, how can it possibly make you uncomfortable?**

Aren’t we all equal, in the west? Once?

And under Islam, what can wimmin especially be upset about?

I THINK WE (moderns) KEEP

silent because having never had to fight for our principles ourselves we have become complacent. Smug even. I think there is an inbuilt sense that Right Will Win because Justice will prevail. Or because the the wheels will inevitably grind in our favour and eventually Karma will kick in—


—somehow. But not so.

Those who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them: and so the beat goes onnnnnn …

The price of Freedom isn’t ‘eternal vigilance’. Not exactly. There’s an unstated clause in the famed cliché, words to the effect “—and appropriate action~!”

















* As for me? I’m an old dog. Ignorant and unfeeling perhaps, but at least ‘what you see is what you get’ … ie no hidden agendas. Heart on sleeve.

** And who the hell is Charlie Hebdo anyway?



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