to Der Spiegel

which although long-winded sometimes often (along with unabashed propaganda) provides alternative information.

I do, too ....pngBUT

as a Conspiracy Theorist (and therefore totally insane, irrational, and unreliable) I still find myself doubting their lovely Angela Merkel and her motives.

I ponder darkly upon the fact that Germany hasn’t risen in outrage to dangle her from the nearest lamp standard—then herded all their lovely new immigrants at gunpoint to the nearest welcoming border and shoved ’em over it (I suspect it’s that word ‘welcoming’—can’t be many that qualify) (Saudi Arabia, perhaps? Naaaaa … for obvious reasons, none of which involve distance).

Merkel legacies.png

His close ally? Interesting thought—why ‘his’ ally?

In a democracy shouldn’t that read ‘the close ally of the American people’?

I guess not. To paraphrase Thoreau “the mass of people are too busy trying to scratch out a living to involve themselves with bloody Merkels.

So … why? Not my problem—yours.


that bit about resistance to “free trade” … let’s get one thing straight: trade always was free and the world flourished because of it. It’s only when politicians began with modern means to manipulate markets and trade to their own advantage that the ordures hit the fans.


that the only (R) only consideration in trade must be that traders get value-for-value. And only they, not their blasted politicians, should be the sole judges of that.

You may now excoriate me but before you do I suggest that you break out* and learn to see the world as it actually is—starting at home. (Bugger, that means you’ll have to observe and think—not easy. Damn. What’s on the other channel? Dodgers in to bat yet?)


* Not easy at all. But I managed it, and I was the idealist who actually loved the whole governmental thing. Damn, I’d have willingly fought for it … once.

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