full of Cranks? Cranks like moi?


proves right, or wrong.

History, that is, the real stuff, not the sanistised-for-a-purpose versions. It’s a lethal mistake to confuse the two (and the bilge-water that is passed as education can be very confusing).


It’s early days yet, but President-elect Trump—like his predecessors—has already begun to dial back many of the campaign promises that pledged to reform a broken system of government.

The candidate who railed against big government and vowed to “drain the swamp” of lobbyists and special interest donors has already given lobbyists, corporate donors and members of the governmental elite starring roles in his new administration.


I like the source. They’re mostly foaming at the mouth Christians (and believers in genuine Capitalism—as opposed to the manipulating rubbish that is called by the same name) … hell, they even believe the dollar should have intrinsic (can’t be manipulated) value, for Gawd’s sake) but well worth listening to.

Beginning in his first month in office and continuing through today, Obama not only continued many of the most extreme executive-power policies he once condemned, but in many cases strengthened and extended them. His administration detained terrorism suspects without due process, proposed new frameworks to keep them locked up without trial, targeted thousands of individuals (including a U.S. citizen) for execution by drone, invoked secrecy doctrines to shield torture and eavesdropping programs from judicial review, and covertly expanded the nation’s mass electronic surveillance…

Just further redundant explanations as to why I never vote, especially not in democratic anythings—


Democracy is not freedom.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch








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