of ‘news’ reporting in New Zealand. The mighty New Zealand Herald posted this—

Minutes later, President Vladimir Putin telegraphed his congratulations to the political neophyte who had gushed with admiration for the wily former KGB agent on the campaign trail. Putin and his team publicly welcomed the chance for new, more constructive relationship with the US.

—and that was almost as far as I bothered reading.

I didn’t know that Putin was on the campaign trail too, but the Herald has its ear to the ground I guess. We must trust ol’ Granny, they never goof in the NZH. And the very next para graphically came out with this gem—

Yet Trump has also warned he could order the military to shoot down Russian warplanes that buzz US warships. That wild unpredictability, as well as lingering doubts over whether he will be able to reverse years of what the Kremlin sees as entrenched anti-Russian policy in Washington temper the rejoicing in Moscow.

—which made me ponder on the recent passage through the ‘English’ channel of the wee Russian flotilla innocently going about its own business and lawful occasions*. Would the nice Mr Trump be too upset if the Russians took him at his word, and popped off a few intrusive ‘allied’ things that get a little ‘buzzy’ of their warships?

If the president-elect fulfills even some of his campaign promises, a Trump presidency could be a game-changer for Putin in his quest to restore Russian international influence lost since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

pcI love it~!

Throughout the US campaign, Putin publicly claimed to have no preferred candidate. But he did little to conceal his warmth for Trump and disdain for his opponent. Just what financial and other ties link Trump and his aides to Putin’s Russia remain unclear.

Oooh … so ol’ Donald was funded by Putin? Cool~!

Ambiguity rules, and even old dogs have to laugh sometimes … as for Granny Herald I’m beginning to think she really should be finally pensioned off**.

for a sad giggle:  CLICK HERE 

(Anyway, I prefer to get my own propaganda from Russia Today. At least they’re not so pussy-footed about it …)


* That’s a subtle reference to the ‘Naval Prayer’ as used by the RN. (Seemed relevant at the time…)

** That’s how it reads, Baby-cakes (Not that you intended it that way, of course …)


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