Weekly Photo Challenge: TINY

When we were living in Helensville we had a tiny visitor, this wee guy (guyette?) was on a pile of tissue thingies—

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 06.53.09.png

—and posed patiently long enough for me to score the shot. I galloped off to fetch The Spouse but he’d gone by the time we came back. As for the next—

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 06.53.25.png

Spouse is an artist. Nature-type stuffs, which of course includes bugs and their habitats.

Now: I’ve often thought wasps as effectively indestructible . Once, after I’d nuked a few wasp nests in the hedges (you sneak up on them in the dead of night with a fly-spray in each hand and really drench ’em) I went back next day to check ’em out and found this little empty nest.


So no-one home, and Spouse utilising such things, I took it in for her. No fool, she found a wee glass jar with a tight lid and popped it. Before we put the lid on I gave it another good solid spraying.


(about six months, from memory) she pulled out the jar to study her subject and this wee crittur emerged … he didn’t live long after; I opened it just enough to remake the world inside inconducive to life—again—and later buried that sucker deep in the back field. Brrrrr~!


A tiny artefact we lifted from a Scottish beach. It’s made of some kind of stone, is only about an inch or so in length, was found among granite (and other) rounded pebbles not far above the high tide line—

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 07.14.54.png

—and we have no idea what it might be.

Make of it what we may, all suggestions eagerly received …


as a challenging subject:






3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: TINY

  1. It’s the right incisor of a green maned dragon pup. I’m guessing he lost it when the rage took flight. Dragons often got hyperactive during mass liftoff and would take to biting each other. I’m guessing this pup bit his mum and she whacked him one.

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    1. No wonder dragons have either gone extinct or taken to hiding on Scottish beaches. I hope they sorted everything out between them—I hate the thought of a dragon sulking in a cave, nothing much to eat but seaweed, mussels, and the occasional careless Jock (or kiwi tourist) (brrrr) …

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