Weekly Photo Challenge:



Wow~! Does this one ever scream out for The Works.

But I’ll be good …

So here’s your first ‘chaos’, as snapped in Queens Park (Invergiggle) just the other day—

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 00.15.59.png

—it’s hard to not meet the dictionary definition of the word if you snap the wriggly bits of the surface of the duckpond when the rhododendrons are in bloom just beyond the event horizon there.

Moving on …

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 22.05.11.png

The very harsh contrast betwixt the southern Southland sunlight and the shade here called for a bit of fudging on my part but eventually I scored our snap. Sort of. Perhaps not really a ‘chaos’ as per the Challenge, but anyone climbing through this lot (it gets darker and more crowded further in) quickly loses all interest in splitting hairs and the finer points of English definitions.

And now to upload some more snaps from camera to computer. Don’t wait up … I may be some time …






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