oh my dearie dearie me …


intelligentNo, not the American elections—which were always a foregone inconclusive given: whoever got in would not be a good choice—but still better than the alternative.

Thankfully that bunfight is almost over (for now at least).

What I am referring to is—hold it, wait, back up, refresh:

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 17.57.31.png

a negg. Not an eating egg, a ‘looking-at’ egg. But nevertheless … an egg


(of course you do, but you ain’t ever gonna admit it) when eggs were so bad for you (bad, terrible, double-plus ungood, baaaaaad!) that to even look at one would give you hives, and more than one lick of an omelette would make your heart do gibbering backflips?


eggs are not only legal again, they’re actually promoted (gasp!) as being good for you? Wow! O tempora, o mores, and stuff.


buy now and you get to have butter again too. No more sneaking to the fridge when The Spouse is sleeping (I never did, but I always have been a bit of a maverick).


dietary science and group-think.

Opinion, hah!

The Spouse often tells me that “A little of what you fancy—eeeeek, gerroff!—does you good”. Could be right. I’ve done well—better than most—just following my gut instincts.

But now, your quote:

“And for the longest-living Mediterraneans, the primary source of energy isn’t olive oil – it’s actually refined carbohydrates, bread and pasta. They are the very foundations of these cuisines.”

Dr Estep says that carbohydrates provide a smooth, steady release of glucose – the best fuel for the brain – and many refined carbs, such as white pasta and traditionally made white bread, have a relatively low glycaemic index and various other benefits for health.

To read from source: CLICK HERE

Oh dear … this is suggesting that doughnuts and buns might be making a comeback.


The best doughnuts/cream buns in New Zealand come from a wee shop in the South Island town of Gore, and they are to die for; I guess we might just be taking a trip to Gore soon, tomorrow, in fact. After I’ve had my standard*two fried eggs on cheese on toast” breakfast (with French-pressed coffee to follow).


for getting this far:  more from the same source:

“Another surprising finding Dr Estep made when studying “Mindspan elite” countries was that their inhabitants ate high levels of carbohydrates – the white, refined carbohydrates we’re told to avoid.

“We’ve been repeatedly told by nutritionists over the years to eat wholegrains such as brown rice and pasta …”

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 17.58.42.png

Here, have a nice duck. Ducks are birds, birds lay eggs—so it is relevant

Now go have a nice healthy bunfight in a bakery somewhere, with a clear conscience. At last …





* And it’s been standard for many years. Just sometimes I’ll break out and have an omelette, or scramblers; but always eggies!



One thought on “OH DEAR …

  1. No, that ‘wise doggy’ shot isn’t one of mine. Sadly I can’t give it a credit ‘cos I got it from Mr Google and creator wasn’t listed. (But that ‘scruffy rogue’ shot is one of mine. Boom boom!)


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