are now punishable ‘crimes’.

The man says so in a vid I just watched—which prompted me to break out in a terrible attack of the shi  sieg heils.

One vid led to another, then led me to this—

Wee scamps.png

—which seems to be the sum of many fears. (Actually, if you peruse the web not so much fears as realities.)  Image above from:  CLICK HERE


bare naked propaganda. It has to be. No-one as devout as a member of the World’s Greatest Religion of Peace and Compassion could possibly etc etc etc yadda yadda dribble drip … no? So that proves it: propaganda.

(And if you accept the notion then with a completely clear conscience I hope and (if an atheist can) pray that the Islamic refugees flood into your neighbourhood first. And that they like it enough to stay there. With you …)


you’ll reply in a couple of years to tell me (to crow all over me, in fact) how absolutely delighted you are, and how very wrong my warped twisted prejudices turned out to be.


we can keep our peace and tranquil ancestral way of life by outlawing any and all forms of racial prejudice. If prejudice is based on observation, then anyone reporting any observed breaches of our codes by immigrant refugees (peace be upon them) will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law for inciting hatred.


thinking for yourself only leads to civil unrest, so that too must be banned. By law. With draconian penalties for noncompliances.

Ve haff vays off makink you comply, you Schwein …



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