and Dog fulfils Himself in many ways, lest one good custom should corrupt the world*.



severely growled at. As a politician surely she knows that you’re not allowed to say such things?

“I think those who come to Norway need to adapt to our society. Here we eat pork, drink alcohol and show our face. You must abide by the values, laws and regulations that are in Norway when you come here,” said a Facebook post by Progress Party minister Sylvi Listhaug, which has since gone viral, garnering 19,000 likes and 4,500 shares.

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At last! A politician with balls enough to—

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … that politician is a Lady, ladies don’t have ba—”

“This one does, Kid. More than most male politicians in the Western world**.”


to the ‘migrant/refugee’ problems of Europe is to do exactly as Listhaug says. If it were me, I’d tell ’em that—

“Under our roof you are on sufferance and you will comply in all respects with our laws and customs. You have just two years on probation during which you WILL renounce all forms of violence, and you WILL change your religion to something that doesn’t involve violating little girls, violence, or hacking folks’ heads off”.


record numbers.pngfor Norway, for Germany, for France, for Britain, for anywhere; would be to issue a Unilateral Declaration Of Independence from any ‘alliances’ or foreign entanglements (military or economic) that interfere with or encroach upon national sovereignty.

Properly enforced borders with zero tolerance of miscreants (send ’em back to source) would greatly assist in a re-levelling of the boat.


*   Apologies to Tennyson’s Morte d’Arthur

**    Notable exceptions include Geert Wilders of Holland, Nigel Farage of UK, and Viktor Orban of Hungary


5 thoughts on “THE OLD ORDER CHANGES

      1. Nice to see that you are indeed still rabid. I do tune in from time to time. It’s been a busy old time of late, hence my remissedness (not a word, I know, but there you are). I hope you and the Spouse are well. The weather must be improving in your part of the world by now.


      2. Keep busy, Missy … it’s where the satisfaction lies, and the bucks too sometimes.
        Weather here getting better but my frustration levels increasing exponentially—in the park I just cannot capture the beauty I see and it’s driving me to the duck pond (quackers).
        Memo to self: must post some ducks on my other blog …

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      3. Yes! I always enjoy your duck shots. Perhaps you need to play around with your park shots in the editing room, see if you can’t eek some of that beauteous magic out…?
        I’m actually done with being busy of late. Too much travelling and not enough time to adjust to different time zones. Thankfully after a month and a half of hoofing it around the world I have hung up my boots, and nursing the flu for all my trouble. I don’t want to have to board another aircraft for the foreseeable future. The novelty has well and truly worn off now, especially after being stranded in Iceland due to a missed flight just the other day. Nightmare!
        I wouldn’t have minded if I’d got to see the northern lights, apparently where I was was a good spot for it, if it wasn’t for the icy rain and deep cloud cover!

        Liked by 1 person

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