But at least it exposes something—

“Another message from Airbnb appeals to fear. It demanded that I sign up to an agreement if I wished to remain within the Airbnb community:

You commit to treat everyone—regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age—with respect, and without judgment or bias.

As a private service, of course, Airbnb has the perfect right to demand almost anything it likes of its customers, who, after all, have themselves the right not to use its services if they do not like the conditions imposed.”

To read more: CLICK HERE

Whups~! I wouldn’t sign up to that mindless sucker either. Anyone who does is either too rushed to read, too rushed to think, a brilliant hypnotic subject incapable of rational thought, or just doesn’t give a damn. (I’d suspect that they’d fail the ‘can tie own shoelaces‘ qualification too.)


This is PC at its best: don’t think, never think, just accept.


I reserve the right to judge and if my judgement points me to be biassed, I’ll be as biassed as I damned well please.

I respect only those who have earned my respect*. In the meantime to strangers I extend my goodwill, which carries them over until they’re shown themselves to be worthy of my respect or not.

The ‘Politically Correct’ are either cowards, or lazy, or both … no?


Or worse—they have an agenda that you don’t and won’t know about (but you are very much in their crosshairs). Be warned.

Or not …

sempvig* Although with neither argument nor discussion, the man with the gun gets the same instant respect I’d give a foaming mad dog (silly not to …)



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