rather ridiculous ‘prestige-display’ (bragging tool) for small minds to impress even smaller minds. No?


of the message … okay, I get your blasted message. In fact, I got it the first four hundred (I get around a fair bit on the web) times.


I’m all for Free Enterprise, capitalism, and entrepreneurship. Really. I even buy lotto tickets … but how would YOU feel with this cheery object peering out of your screen at almost every turn?


Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 20.21.06.png

Mind you, it raises some interesting questions—how did he buy the blasted Ferrari?

  • Can he drive it?
  • Can he afford to insure it?
  • Why didn’t he buy a house with the money?
  • Or an education?
  • Is the car meant to be a ‘chick magnet’?
  • Is he going to buy a mobile home?
  • Why does the advertiser have only one line (meaning: photo, model, pitch)?
  • Does the pathetic advert make me want to rush out and answer it?
  • Why not?
  • Does it work with anyone at all?
  • Would I want one?

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 20.45.33.pngNo. I bloody wouldn’t. For obvious reasons—so why would any rational person want one; which raises the further question as to what kind of market the advertiser is trying to hook—

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 20.43.13.png—possibly using the same ‘logic’ as the illustrated guys illustrated in this post. All very artistic and maybe a wee bit cheaper than a new Ferrari.

Perhaps they too see their investments as ‘chick magnets’, or I might be deluding myself and after I’ve shaken my head the chaps will laugh, slap me on the shoulder to ease the joke and then wash the decorations off.

The again, they may be serious. They may think that their improvements will make them more employable (they should come to New Zealand, they’d clean up on the marae)( if they live long enough, Maori guys get a bit tetchy if they think someone is pulling their leg, however gently).



Buy a Ferrari to show the ladies how ‘with it’ you are? How accomplished? How capable, how desirable as a provider?

A demonstration of virility writ large … and I guess if you can’t afford a Ferrari you can always go to Plan B and have a face-job done like this next guy, who seems to have taken it far enough to win the heart of any desirable maiden …




Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 20.41.18.png



the guy with the ‘homeless Ferrari’ advert cluttering my screens and offending my sensibilities might consider hiring a new model—one who can really get the message across?pigs-will-fly


the campaign may actually work?

Brrrrrr …


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