or We, the Losing Patience, may just enforce it.

The precedent has been set often and this is one of my favourites—

pour encourager les autres.png

—they tolerated ol’ Musso while he seemed to be winning, but got a bit grumpy when they lost faith. Vox populi …


the administration should do as it is instructed by The People—not The People do as ordered by their elected dictators. But they (people) groan on, until …

… until some fine line is crossed, at which point yet more dictators become object lessons for the future. As above.


will the modern-minded natives of Europe tolerate the nice folks who have sold them out?And are even now flooding their countries with imported mediaeval savagery?

Stone-age brute collective and civilised individualists don’t mix too well—

… However, one 28-year-old protestor in the camp punched a 36-year-old security officer in the face. 

As the officer reacted by pushing his attacker away, a group of people in the camp attacked the security staff using wooden sticks, iron bars and chairs as makeshift weapons.  

Police officers were called for back-up and helped to pull the violent attackers off the security officers, who had to be treated for their injuries. 

Nine police cars and four dog handlers had to be deployed. 

The police have since opened an investigation and are looking for witnesses. 


 for the doomed attempt to mix two diametrically opposed ideologies in Europe must be laid squarely at the feet of politicians. Especially the lovely(?) Angela Merkel—

Last night’s class at a migrant camp in Germany’s capital came amid mounting protests across the country at the scale of immigration – with more than a million migrants having arrived during the past year alone. 

—who remains unflinchingly unrepentant. Certainly unaccountable.

She must be made to pay for her crimes against Civilisation. Someone is responsible and he/she or they must be identified and held accountable. Accountable is important (and would be novel).

Murky angel.png

By ‘held accountable’ I mean made to pay.

As they can’t possibly pay in cash they should pay in years. Their personal years, by being incarcerated an oubliette for the rest of their naturals.

Or we could do the Mussolini thing on them. As the French might say:




OR we could always do unto them what their bloody Islamics do unto their own nice people who displease them—


—and they get away with it easy enough, no global disapproval.

pcI’ve noticed that for whatever reason our PC friends never whimper, never bleat, never even mention the behaviours of such Islamic heroes.

Why is that? Are they afraid that one day they might be held accountable by the vengeful?




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