in Sweden. Raises some questions, but first a few snippets from it—pc

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—along with a few gut reactions from a soured commentator (me) who is no longer an idealist. The war of ideas is stepping up to a new level, my old pacifism can no longer be sustained.

A refugee in Sweden has said it is “clear as hell” that ..“The older adults in the area look at us as if we are animals or abnormal,” the man wrote in his letter …


I find myself asking, why?

Are all the natives (Swedes) just a bunch of racist Nazis? Why would anyone look upon ‘refugees’ as if they were unpleasant?

The letter was apparently written in response to a wave of arson attacks on cars that has hit the European country this year. Mostly centered around Stockholm and Malmo, some 2,000 vehicles have been set on fire between January and July, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

Only 2000 — yet the Swedes took in how many ‘refugees’? Doing a few simple proportion sums suggests that they (Swedes) should really expect a lot more, and that someone is restraining the youthful high spirits of the immigrants quite a bit.

And how do they know it was refugees set those cars ablaze?  Could’ve been any antisocial misfits. (Okay, the writer of that letter admitted it)(but that must an interpolation.)

the unnamed young man blamed discrimination from those in power for making him and others like him feel unwelcome in the country…

Again I ask: why?

All I can offer that the Swedes are narrow minded antisocial xenophobic racist Nazi thugs, who obviously should double all taxes to fund and encourage more immigration—and so raise the national IQ (and moral standards) by many points. No?

Despite being a relatively low-crime country, there have been alarming reports of over fifty so-called “no-go zones” across Sweden where crime rates are high and police officers are at risk of attack.

I’ve read about those areas elsewhere. In such places ‘Sharia Law’ rules, so of course the immoral and uncivilised disgusting natives are kept out. (Nothing new here, all empire builders do it.)

Together, these factors create a sense of hopelessness and frustration, causing young people from such neighbourhoods to lash out, particularly by setting cars on fire.

All good clean fun and it keeps them off the streets and out of trouble, no? The authorities should encourage more parking in those areas, win/win. No?

The acts of arson, according to the writer, are cries for help …

I’d help.

I’d send him home, soonest. And the rest of his ilk.

I think that if I were what is left of the natives in Sweden I’d declare independence from all relevant binding treaties—immediately—and sweep the antisocial misfit imports back into the sea (if nobody else wants or will take them—I’m not entirely heartless).

Entire families, including any born on Swedish soil—I’m not so soulless as to split families or deny innocent babes the chance of a better life in their  better world.

And, for the Swedish taxpayers it would be cheaper … win/win.





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