pcon Wiri Mountain when the Archangel Gabriella called to me out of the darkness.

So much for my quiet meditations. Revelations and wisdoms would have to wait—I think it was the flaming sword that got my attention. In summary her protracted diatribe was that all atheists are ratbags. And anyone not believing in Her as the Greater God—the very greatest ever Greater God, she kept saying—was an atheist; fair game for any believer feeling the need to preserve market share.

An atheist, she thundered, must believe in Her. Only. Or else!

Apparently there is only one genuine True God in the whole of creation. All those others—including the Big G of Abraham—are, if not completely false, minors. Bit players on the holy stage.

I meekly asked if She counted Christians and Jews and Mohammedans as atheists too, they weren’t entirely ‘godless’; and her reverberating wrath just about blew me from the cave like an undigested pea from the south end of a north-facing flatulent duck.

Her antagonism towards atheists, apparently, was aimed at those nice folks who actively push their pretenders onto innocent bystanders—which now gives me food for thought after reading these snippets I snup earlier —

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 13.07.09.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 13.07.43.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 13.08.57.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 13.09.18.png

—and if you go there (CLICK HERE) be aware that Ahmed is the translator, not the originator, of the streams of good wishes from practitioners of the Great Religion of Peace. There’s lots  more.


Gabriella departed in a huff of burning ice (great theatre!) I was left to ponder Her instructions: I was to write a blog and promulgate the Teachings.

At that time (sixty something years ago) I had (nobody did) no idea what She was babbling about. (What the hell’s a blog?)


to make a pilgrimage I believe that Wiri Mountain is no longer there, but they did keep the cave. And revamped the entrance too—you no longer have to do the wriggly crocodile bit to get in.

Once in you’ll find what these fine archaeologists are finding (along with many wee piles of ancient candle wax left there decades before—in those days paraffin/wax candles were all we had).

Wiri cave.png

Armed with nothing more than Her own glow I’m surprised that Gabriella managed to find me at all. But Gods are clever like that (She mentioned as an aside that She was a bit disappointed in ol’ Mo, and had briefly considered me for the role. I was flattered …)



No, thanks … I’ll stay an atheist in a cave.




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