month, year, decade … aaaah, stuff it: millennium.

A UN watchdog has slammed Saudi Arabia for subjecting minors as young as 15 to stoning, flogging, amputation, and even execution, contrary to the children rights convention, but a Saudi official reportedly responded that sharia is “above all laws and treaties.”

Note well that final sentence.

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 10.15.15.png

Read and feel just a little … tiny … bit … queasy. But wait, it gets better—

The 18-member committee also strongly criticized Saudi Arabia’s traditional practices of punishing perpetrators with stoning, flogging, and limb amputation, demanding that it “repeal all provisions contained in legislation” authorizing such penalties.

Read more:  CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 10.21.04.pngThe referenced article then drags up boring stuff about human rights, the rights of minors, the rights of girls especially their God-sanctioned right to be married off young* yadda yadda yaada. All good stuff, and possibly helps us understand why Russia was bumped from being on the UN Human Rights Council.

To be replaced on said Council by whom?

Yup. By Saudi Arabia—the very paradigm of human rights in this world. Praises be to Allah~!


before you go all judgemental on me, how about popping over to a nice friendly sharia country for a wee holiday?

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 10.20.25.pngVacation in the security, the peace and compassion of Sharia, under the umbrella and all pervading rights of The Most Merciful and Most compassionate paradigm of Justice Himself; one Mr Allah Esq and his merry Profit Mo—

—who would never dream of being not-nice to foreigners dumb enough to visit them.

The joke? Oh, yes—if you can’t see it, then I’ll explain it as a wee bit of irony satirically made visible by the adroit and delicate subtle use of blatant sarcasm. No? Otherwise let me spell it out:

Saudi Arabia on the UN Council for Human Rights

—and you don’t get nothin’ no more hilarious than that. It’s priceless!*

In the meantime, you may now beam me up Scottie … there’s no intelligent life down here.cerberus

“Mr Argus, Sir … ?”

“Yes, my rather worried looking Little Virginia?”

“Sir—wouldn’t you think they’d get their act together?”

“Hush child! Someone might hear you …”

* As ‘young’ as age 6 (six~!) years from birth, but mercifully (praises to Him etc etc) randy goat husbands are not allowed to copulate with them until they reach the mature age of nine years. Coming soon to a western nation near you: Sharia Law. Get used to it …

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