but it does seem to add a hint of authority to content. Sometimes.pc


what we say when blogging is simple common sense (actually, in this sloganistic modern age, uncommon). So here’s my challenge: pick holes in this lot. If you can …

  spins down copy.gif


(oh dear, not another damned ‘we love capitalism’ post?) (No. Read on …)

Values are what we seek to gain, and to keep.


are our western philosophies upon which our western laws are based—you know, that old ‘Freedom Of Speech’ stuff—and the voting in multi-party elections open to all citizens; and equality of gender, and all of us being equal before The Law etc.

We valued such, once*.


with me so far? Oh, good … now: as strange as it may seem there are actually folks out there in the world with values different to yours. How about that!?!

How could anyone not love Free Speech, Veteran’s Day, Spangled Stars, Truth, God and the Queen, Justice, Free Speech, Good wines, and the (whoever) Way?

AND (it gets worse)

they (the outlanders)—just like everyone else want to take over and make their ‘values’ supreme and universal. Their values, their ‘law’—and because their god is bigger and better than yours, their trial by insane bigots is better than your trial by jury etc … they will win. They will take over.

Even more better (for them) is that they genuinely believe in the power of their sword over your pen—

  Cartoon 2.png

—to actualise their beliefs; so they are of course entirely correct. No?

Might makes Right; end of story. For the present in the west the west has the might, which is good for the west because by force of arms it can retain its values. For now.

But this is changing …


… and more on that in a later post. I await your rebuttals: surely my Political inCorrectness cannot go undismissed? Unrebutted? Unsquelched?

Or does your silence mean consent? pigs-will-fly

Here, have a devout wish  spins RH.GIF

… and may you get what you deserve.

(A malediction, but you earned it … however I do feel truly sorry for your children and their descendants.) (Your legacy will be your fault, not mine.)


* It seemed important—remember those rheumy old guys you drag out once or twice a year to dust off make a fuss of? You know, the ones who “I fought and died in the XXXXX** war for you and your Rights, and here you are throwing it all away, you ungrateful pup!”

** Insert War of own choice here. Don’t fret, there’s lots. You’ll get a chance to play too, soon, if you don’t act peacefully now (actually, yesterday).

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