senile erectile dysfunction?


under the heading of:

“What if we told you—”

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 21.31.17.png

  • that Islam doesn’t recognise any sovereignty but that of Islam itself?
  • that Islam isn’t a religion, but a borderless state?
  • that a Brit (or any other) passport is simply a convenience?
  • that Islamists respect force and strength, and only force and strength?
  • that any morals not derived from the Holy Koran are mere inconveniences?

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I may labour these points. They are important—to me they are important from an academic standpoint; to you they are not merely important, they could be vital. Ignore them at your peril (especially if you have a pretty little girl).

But wait: don’t we have laws protecting our children?

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 21.31.55.png

No, I guess not.

It seems our laws are now selective; which means no longer universally applied by ‘blind Justice’. So some people are privileged, others not … here, have a pretty wee kid—

8 yr old dies on her wedding nigh.png

—who didn’t survive her wedding night, according to the computerised voice reading the script. Propaganda? Eight years of age and died from internal injuries inflicted by a wildly enthusiastic ‘husband’. Coming soon to a sharia zone near you, regardless, so get used to it.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 22.07.39.pngBut hubby would be free to marry again, and again, and again, and again (he’s allowed four, you know) and would be welcomed into Britain with all of them—whereas the natives are limited to only the one, of actual marriageable age; so hard luck on any drooling native paedophiles ‘cos they gotta wait quite a bit longer than age eight.

OR MAYBE I am just a prejudiced old fossil showing his age and unable to keep up with modern trends?

As for the nice Theresa May referenced above: who says that you have to let them in? As far as UK’s ‘once-was-law’ is concerned, these nice people simply should not (r) NOT be admitted. Send ’em over to the EU that made those EU laws. Let the EU folks sort ’em out … and if they won’t, they can send them home. (Fingerprint them first, for obvious reasons)*.


* It should be obvious that some of them will get home, pop the young ‘brides’ on the head with a hammer, and come back again unencumbered.

Fingerprints at the border might raise a few embarrassing questions, no?


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