of WESTERN civilisation


ignorant Muslim pigs.

(Okay, actually it is) so let me complete the statement—

the enemy of western civilisation

isn’t as much

ignorant Muslim pigs, as

their universal

Pig Ignorance


—and this time, any takers?

Or does your silence mean consent?

Here, have another nice thought—

I’ve mentioned often enough that the unstoppable droves of Muslims flooding into Europe aren’t refugees, they are Trojan Horses. Then just the other day I happened across someone else’s notion which is even better, behold:

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.14.35.png

… the Trojan Pig.  (Click the image above to go to source.)


it certainly seems we are. “If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck” … it’s a …


that I’m a racist: be warned: I’m not.

Skin colour and race are simply convenient labels used by the unthinking* to make a trap for fools.

I am not a racist (any takers, now?) but I freely and proudly admit—declare—that I am a ‘thoughtist’. Which means I judge people not by their colour or race but by what they think and do. I judge what they think by what they show of their thoughts—their statements and their behaviours. Actions speak louder than words (see my next post—it may surprise you).

When their values clash with my own values I deem them not good—

Muslims are inventive.png

—although to give them credit, they can be pretty inventive in their pursuit of domination.

But that’s merciful Islam for you (and as an atheist I can mention that not so very long ago merciful Christians were burning folks at the stake and cheerfully doing the strappado thing too …)


* Posted recently, the power of the term ‘racist’ is in the accusation itself—which makes it a convenient pitfall for the unthinking. Now off you go, read Kipling’s ‘IF’ again; and try not to whimper if he mentions you …

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