And now, one Nigel Farage in mid stride—

Ol’ Nigel uses the word ‘religion’ in his words to the effect “we want to live together nicely, regardless of race or religion …”

Did you spot the fallacy?

He was specifically-obliquely referencing/addressing Islam. Okaaayyy …

His mistake was using the word ‘religion’ as if it meant religion as we in the west know knew it.

I say again (and am still awaiting rebuttal~)

“Islam is NOT a religion~!”

(But wait, it gets better)—

Islam is a system of absolute 24/7 power: thought control, mind control, politics, diet, dress, company, pets, livestock, association, marriage, slavery etc etc ad nauseam; complete with death* for anyone wanting to break away from it.  Brrrrrrr. 

And now, let’s continue with the day’s laughs …

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 15.22.46.png

“I don’t think we should legislate on what people wear …”

—this is as far as I got before I cracked up completely. I had a mental image of some clown with a shotgun attempting to cure his own athletes foot—but I struggled on with it. And yes, it does get better—he babbles on about tolerance and respect for each other (sniff). Hell, I could almost sign up myself …cerberus

… if I could afford the lobotomy.

But the nice Mr Khan wasn’t the only one. This next guy had a black belt in PC babble too (I love watching experts in any discipline, they make it look so easy).

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 15.36.46.png

One of the best British traditions is Live, and let live

The idea that politicians should pass a law, telling women what they can and cannot wear, is profoundly unBritish …(Brilliant!)a big step towards a police state!”


  • have any idea what he’s saying?
  • Did people actually vote for this guy?


he hangs himself even further. (You really should activate that link.)

Poor Nigel …


*  Prescribed (mandated) by law. No escape. (Islam adds a whole old dimension to the term ‘getting stoned’.


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