are not still intent, surely,

on proving how unable to think rationally you are? images-1


here’s a wee test. Look at the pic below and there will be questions afterwards—

Racist explained.png

—and then let’s see how clever you are. Not. May be?

One:  what is wrong with this picture?

Two:  what do you mean, you pig ignorant racist swine, by “Nothing!”?

Sadly I fail too … oink … let’s move on:


So we fluffed that one. Then let’s try you on adaptability—

One:  can the caption be adapted to better suit ‘Politically incorrect’?

Two:  if you had to think—you failed again. Why?

Because to be PC you don’t need to think, dum-dum! All you have to do is what you’re told by your betters (and accept any old garbage wisdom handed out most gratefully).


Okay, your final last chance to prove that you’re no dullard—

Explain in modernly educated terms* the fallacies in (i.e. what’s wrong with) these statements—

a. Everything must either be, or not-be

b. Nothing can both be and not-be

c. Contradictions cannot exist. 

(CLUE: to item ‘c’ above … if you find an apparent contradiction (anywhere) look to your premises—one at least is wrong.)


is a bit of a toughie that may possibly rock your boat a bit, please answer yes or no:


And if you answered ‘yes’ let me remind you that I still have that lovely bridge for sale in Sydney Harbour …



* If it’s possible to use the words  ‘modern’ and ‘educated’ in the same sentence without cracking up … please forgive the unconscious hyperbole (or was it an oxymoron, or both? Bugger …)



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