religious in anything except my beliefs (and even they can be amended* in light of new knowledge)(zealot I am not).

Christian traditions, such as Easter (choccie eggies, boom-boom~!) and especially Christmas (peace on Earth with goodwill to all men persons) (dream on …).

mos-wed-nite-with-ayeshaI dare say that if I worked hard at it I might be able eventually to enjoy some Islamic customs too; like their open-minded search for Reality and Truth, their love of peace, their infinite compassion, their excellent manners, how they love children, how they respect women, how they make excellent guests and are very respectful and tolerant of other peoples’ cultures, customs, and beliefs … dammit, I could rave on here for hours but you know how it is when you’re lost in utter admiration for the leading paradigms of modern (and ancient) thought.

So I shall leave you with just this one brief uToobe video—

—make of it what you will. Propaganda, of course, but like the best propaganda so well staged you’d almost—but not quite—think it real.

Here, have a nice wee doggie—


—and bear in mind that Islamics hate dogs (no idea why).

* As you may have noticed …


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