WE OPEN today’s sermon with a snippet—

“… just yesterday a sixteen year old girl was killed by her father for refusing to wear the veil …”

—and invite you to get onboard with this wee vid. It’s not long …

Okaaaaay … now we know, but did we learn anything? Let’s ask this wee cutie —

“—but,” she squawks, in defence of Mr. Fuzzy, “I only put the veil on after I’d come to this country~!”

Which possibly proves something to someone somewhere.

For myself, I think that in the deeper recesses of her mind she is possibly (?) (!) a bit trepidatious about what her own darling daddy might do to her if he ever saw this clip. Well done, Miss. I’d do the same myself in your circumstances* …

When asked what happens to Islamics wanting to change their religion she went all coy on us, so Dawkins asked the good Dr. Fuzzy-face to explain. He (Dr FF) was quite proud of the fact that to even try to ‘convert’ from Islam is in fact doubleplus ungood … being (literally~!) suicide.

Here, have a nice paradigm of Freedom and the love of Almighty God—

An object lesson, in person.png

—and I hope you didn’t vomit. I nearly did … mainly because I can’t stand smugness, arrogance, closed minds, pig-ignorance and porcine bad manners: fields in which this westernised oriental gentleman excels.


haven’t offended any politically correct folks today, I must be slipping. I’ll try again


later …




2 thoughts on “ISLAM AS

  1. Saw this video before. This bloke is simply disgusting. When I hear some folk saying England has gone to the dogs it is going to dogs like this fuckwit. Ecscusez moi my Franglais.
    My mum has repeatedly mentioned that, ”I wouldn’t recognise the place.”
    I bet I wouldn’t either.

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  2. The Spouse wants to go back. Home. I tell her that home exists only in her memory; home is now a foreign country getting more so all the time.

    In Britain religion was theatre, now it’s getting serious. Seriously offensive.
    In the C of E and RC churches men wore dresses, yes, but they didn’t encourage sawing folks’ heads off. Islam is foul filth.

    As much as I used to stand against censorship, I now think that anything advocating violence other than self-defence against initiators of violence should be purged and any perpetrators oublietted if they attempt to continue.

    (I call it as I see it but am getting only three to five visitors per post. Obviously God doesn’t like me …)


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