and is it permissible to use the words ‘closed minded brain-washed bigot’ to describe an ungrateful leech these days?


for everyone to watch this wee video:


Those in the nice fuzzy teddy-bear guy’s camp will feel vindicated, a bit … the rest of us heathen scumbag infidels can just shuddup, sit back, lie down, put all four paws up in the air and—

a. Apologise profusely for being godless pigs, and

b. Empty our wallets into whatever the tax collectors are garnering on behalf of the nice fuzzy-faced expert in democracy, free speech, and human rights (that’s him, down there—the guy dressed like refugee from a Christmas (oops) holiday pantomime and holding centre stage).


Challenged by Dawkins about the rights of children, the gentleman replied—

“The rights of the children come when they are old enough to understand the issues …”

—which made me think a little. But first we have to make some assumptions here…

How old?

Let’s say possibly sixteen years (which used to be school-leaving age). So after sixteen years of non-stop 24/7 indoctrination, Muslim children can make reasoned decisions? On issues totally foreign to them?

sixteen  years … 16 x 365.25  =  5,844 days

under Islam, preying five times a day =  5,844 5  =  29,220

okaaaaayyyy … if it were me … if I’d banged my head against the ground almost thirty thousand times over sixteen years of non-stop ‘religious’ indoctrination (Islam isn’t a religion, it’s a way of life and an unbounded nation state) I’d be much worse off than that now useless seven-year-old boy of Jesuit school fame.



And yes … I do know how to spell. But in this instance ‘preying’ is infinitely more appropriate.

Loyalty is fungible.jpg

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