to preserve your way of life, your own culture? Your history, your beliefs—the Rights that well-intended (but in the long run stupid) people fought and died for?

Japan accepted only 27 refugees last year and rejected almost all applications, officials said Saturday, as rights groups urged the government to allow more people in.

The country has long been nervous about an influx of refugees into its homogeneous society and has tightly restricted the number it accepts.

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I said stupid and I mean it. Suckers.

Yes, suckers. Would you be silly, stupid, naive, thick, gullible … twat … enough, now, to fight and possibly die for ‘your’ country? Your country?

Oh … really?


Boy, do I ever have this great bridge for sale at a dirt-cheap price in Australia …


Buy now and I’ll throw in all those little white clamshell things for free, but be quick; at this price—

—it won’t last.

No more than your culture, your way of life, your nation …



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