who actually makes better sense than any of the wannabe professional clowns now squabbling for the honeypot in the USA—

But it’s more than just a cultural change and anxiety about being in crowded, target-rich, or sensitive areas. The United States is required to spend billions of dollars a year now in order to prevent the next 9/11, which could have easily been prevented by not allowing immigration from Saudi Arabia, a country which practices shariah law, polygamy, and beheading of religious dissidents. Indeed, the surveillance and counterterrorism operations the United States is required to carry out against its citizens in the name of security as a result of mass immigration from outside of Europe put the state police of bygone regimes to shame. East Germany would be envious.

to read from source: CLICK HERE

If you go there you’ll find a few comments and quotes complete with this (below) same video link.

Not knowing a word of Russian I sat, watched, and listened all the way through, concluding at the end that this man is a statesman—what can the Americans offer that even approaches his league?

Here’s your link—


—make of it what you will (a damned Russkie) (and we all know that they eat their young).

So here’s a simple challenge for you he-man types out there:

What would you do if you were—

       (a)  Putin, or

       (b)  the next US president?

—and there’s no points for making me glow in the dark.

Remember that I never vote (it just encourages them) and thus am as blameless as the driven snow.

Now go choose your medicine, what’s it to be—arsenic or cyanide?




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