Huddled masses.png

No. This, regardless of source, is a heart-wrenching image. These are people, for God’s sake.

Damn it to hell and back: they should be acceptable anywhere, if only in the name of simple basic humanity. No? But there’s a caveat …


bring with them?

There’s the rub, as Hamlet famously muttered. Their values, core hopes, ambitions, ideals and principles are not the same as ours—regardless of how human they look.

To import these people is to import breeding machinery that will slavishly follow its programming. They will literally ‘go forth and populate the world’. And then?

Bear in mind that they cannot ‘convert’ from their programmes any more than a microwave oven can—to try, to even consider doing so is a death sentence; regardless of where they are in the world.


their nationality, loyalty and sovereignty is Islam—regardless of whatever passport or ‘citizenship’ papers they carry. To Islam, all else is meaningless window dressing.


they dig in until strong enough to declare themselves. An English passport does not make an Islamic an Englishman—he is Islamic and ‘nationality’ is simply his current flag of convenience. The English flag will protect him until he can break free to fly the green banner of Islam (and trample all those crosses underfoot, having served their purpose and now done with …)


these people back into the sea?


Some of them. Not all … the ones who on arrival renounce their ‘faith’* and demonstrate continued genuine acceptance of western values and moral codes I would keep. The rest I would mark “Return to Sender” and ship home; back to any Islamic Paradise that would accept them. (If any could be found, aaaaah, charity …)


on my part would go against all that I stand or have ever stood for—you know, that hoary old Freedom Of Speech and beliefs thing—

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 18.17.46.png

—for obvious reasons. “Truth,” the cliché goes, “is the first casualty of war.” Nice … we are often told by the starry eyed and the unscrupulous that Islam is the great religion of peace and compassion.

If so, they need to rewrite that murderous and insane book. But here’s the catch: they aren’t allowed to.

Bugger …


* Islam isn’t a religion:  it’s an entire way of life. It is a law-setting state; and worse, it’s a state without boundaries (but dedicated to infinite expansion, conquest and enslavement).

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