quit the day job,

cashed in the chips, carped the diem and wandered off into the hills to perch on a rock and contemplate the universe.


maybe not quite. There were still too many unanswered questions. But the big answer is that other than you, yourself … no-one really gives damn. So do I regret giving it all away to work in a peat bog for a pittance, out in all weathers in all possible weathers? No …


the mill. To Hamlet’s mill, actually (weak pun, please ignore). But being often up to my neck or down to periscope depth in peat-bog goo does wonders for the soul and sets one up to empathise.

Last night I watched a u-toob on the  Roman legions slaughtered under the inspired leadership of one Quinctilius Varus—

—and having been in German forests, and having served time (!) in a peat bog, I can fully empathise with both sides in what this vid summarises as the defining moment that set the course for future Europe.

It’s a long and sometimes quite annoying documentary but rich in human nature, dog-eat-dog, treachery, opportunism, Trump versus Clinton and anything else that may rattle your own personal cage.


then this site (see link at bottom) gives a reasonable ‘bare bones’ summary (but you don’t get to squelch through the bogs or enjoy the wet forest). Yeuch.


dammit—I just can’t help myself here:

I keep drawing parallels between the Roman legions under Varus and the US armed forces today under any of the recent US presidents. Brrrr.

Cerberus, Semper Vigilans

to read about the great military genius Varus:  CLICK HERE


semper vigo

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