NOT ME …images-1

but fearful for (and of~!) those who have. Especially those gullible souls who allow unearned guilt to dominate their lives—cheap meat to evil people.


Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 18.11.50.pngin Free Speech. This is one of the reasons I stand squarely against the spread of the poisonous filth that is Islamic mind control— I observe the world and refuse to let cowards bully me into accepting their silly dogmas as ‘thought’.

The ‘politically correct’ are unthinking cowards, plain and simple.



of opinion that says we must (as in we ‘have to’) open our gates to endless floods of Islamic ‘refugees’.

Not good.

Suicidal, in fact.

Troy welcomes it's new pet.png

I see those misnamed ‘refugees’ as hundreds of thousands of Trojan Horses.

I see the ‘refugees’ as the living strategic weapons of Fourth Generation Warfare, pathetic unwitting victims as many of them are, of conscienceless immoral wannabe conquerors.

They are an Islamic stab at the very heart of Europe. These unfortunates are a gunless military invasion, psyops*  at its very best. Brilliant …

The EU faces what could be two bruising summits this week over a proposal to redistribute an extra 120,000 asylum seekers throughout Europe.

Central Europe is putting up fierce resistance to the idea of binding EU quotas, although the Czech Republic now says it might be willing to accept far more than its initial offer of 1,500 people – if the system remains voluntary.

Read from source (BBC)CLICK HERE

‘Nuff said.

Enjoy your future—


—it will be what you make of it.


wiki refs.png*



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