who just happens to be an ‘alternative viewpoint’ nut, I look at things like this—

Nodes Peru 3.png

—and invite by comment any suggestions to answer the following questions:

a.  Is this a sample of ‘trick photography’?

b.  If not—how did ‘they’ get it to here?

c.  Or did they not put it there after cutting and shaping, but …

d.  … they simply removed the mountain from around and above it?

(Brrrrrr. I just love snaps like this!) And—

e. What the heck were they planning on doing with it afterwards?

With much gratitude, imagery sourced from:


argie-gravat Even if the guy above proves to be a charlatan, I am still very grateful for the entertainment and the happy ‘wotif’ moments he’s given me.

The site is worth visiting, it’s only a bit more than eight minutes of ‘wotifs’.

In the meantime:


it were really true?

Easy answer: the Establishment would either rebury it under the carpet and walk away nonchalantly whistling, OR would with wild enthusiasm suddenly proclaim it all loud and clear from the rooftops as their very own …





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