of something (the calibre of modern Education, perhaps?).

But the subject itself certainly raises eyebrows. Anyway, ya just gotta love them Masons, always handy to fill a vacuum in the Conspiracy stakes—

“People who have driven by this airport have seen these massive tunnels sitting above ground near this landfill, as if there is still construction going on.”

And if you want to see what I’m babbling about, here’s the link:


—but be aware that ‘The Sun’ is hardly top notch reporting, as this captioned image might suggest—

Bluey's print?.png


I’ve been more impressed by the artwork in that airport (love their cute wee horsey statue!); which mostly is a bit too ‘apocalyptic’ for my taste but there ya go.

It’s well worth a quick googling …


I’ve just been looking at some old stuff on my computer. It seems almost as if the ‘news’ site above has uplifted from this site—


Pale horse.jpg—from which I now shamelessly quote some bits myself.
First, here’s a nice horsey for you

<—  (that’s him)

—a statue from said airport. Guaranteed to bring a smile to any jaded traveller’s face on an icy windswept day; indeed, money well spent.

How might we modern connoisseurs put it?

“An enlightening bit of meaningful whimsy, art-moderne with delicate hints of fire and contrasting ice, suggestive of unleashable power and the full vigour of youthful etc etc waffle waffle babble …”

I came across ol’ Vigilant Christian when researching something else which led me to Denver airport and which went into the inspiring murals, decor, and history in much greater depth.

Either we do have a genuinely unsubtle braggadocio there or coincidence has a huge overbite. Failing that a few (!) people in high places are just a wee bit loopy and ought really to be assisted into safe accommodation somewhere remote. Very remote.




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