make of it what you will …

Whilst poking about in U-tube looking with endless fascination at the 9-11 scenario tonight I came across this—

a bit crossed.png

—young Sallie Army type rhapsodising about the lovely crucifix apparently created (I imagine) solely by a miraculous act of God.


knew the day before (when all was still miracles of modern erections in New York) what was going to happen the very next day; and that He was booked in for crafting a lovely crucifix for the Sallie soldier to later rhapsodise about.

That 3,000 people were going to die and about 6,000 more would be injured didn’t seem to worry Him unduly. Dammit, He had miracles to perform and ‘the play’s the thing’.

Actually, truth be told, he did know, a long time ago—even before Bell was yapping into the first telephone, even before Robin Hood was de-wealthing the rich to redistribute to the poor—heck, He knew before He Big-Banged the universe and all who sail in her. Omniscient, you see …)

Anyway, you have to admit that it’s a lovely crucifix and that it was made entirely by an act of God. Certainly the Sallie guy seems quite impressed.

For whole matter, see the below:



there are a few other ‘petty cash’ considerations too—


cash costs.png

(above pic is an active link to source of graphic)

—so God is still in His (timeless) Heaven and all is well with the world. (And no, I didn’t check the dimensions and claims of that cube. I’m still getting my head around a million lots of a million dollars—small change to some folks, but I could certainly find a good home for one of those millions …)



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