asked her Chinese dining companion, “do you have elections?”

“Everly morning!” smiled the Chinese chap, neatly avoiding the ambush.


a few articles, lured in by the name ‘Scott Adams’.

Ol’ Scottie is a hero of mine whom I’ve never met and probably never shall. I don’t care, I just madly love his cartoon character Dilbert and all the other ‘berts including Dog and Rat. And the trolls, and the dinosaurs, and the pointy-haired boss, and the ever so very real situations used in the cartoons (most of which I’ve experienced personally) (the situations, not the cartoons).


in the Land Of The Free where democracy rules supreme an election is coming up, and as always with American politics many many many millions of dollars are spent on dressing the stage for the eventual election of yet another donk.

And also guerilla politicking—



that ol’ Dilbert’s creator upset a few enlightened folks. So they ‘shadowbanned’ his Twitter feed (or account, or whatever it is that twits have). To add insult to injury it seems that an awful lot of awful people just cannot stand him for his success (I always thought that Americans admired guys who by their own efforts made it to the top of their heap? Silly moi …)

MY POINT BEING? a Dogbert.png

That only a genuine optimist votes anyway—and given what looks to be the choice in the US right now I’d be really stuck making a decision—I would opt for the ol’ dark-room-and-pin method myself (if I really had to).

Is voting compulsory in the Great Democratic Paradigm? I honestly have no idea—but given a genuine populous vote (which would mean one with no turnout at all) it would very quickly be made so.

The Aussies have compulsory voting. So of course they cannot possibly have an ‘anonymous’ vote (for myself if forced to vote I’d choose the ‘Dogbreath and Free Catfood’ Party every time).


choose the Chinese system over the American (which probably explains why there are so many Chinese)(leading to ever bigger elections) —but at least they don’t have to agonise over Trump and Mrs Clinton. Brrrr.





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