Or is she another damned anti-victims bully? Anti victims, anti decency, anti the very concept of good government itself?


Zealander coming from an isolated and protected context. And a committed Christian, so of course she will be anti the concepts of extending helping hands to the drowning; so of course no-one in the real world need heed her ravings—

We are now seeing this happen throughout Europe, because of the folly (some would say the basic stupidity) of an Angela Merkel, abandoning the first requirement of government – to safeguard the interests of her own people.  She has by no means been the only European leader whose poor thinking these recent decades has harmed her people. It is well and truly time for the flawed respect given to the concept of “leadership” to be abandoned – as the Swiss have.

a merkel.pngThe fact that Switzerland is so prosperous and free a society, where four different racial groups live so well together, is due to the Swiss long ago repudiating political leadership  in favour of the people themselves making the vital decisions that affect the country. It is this concept – that of our 100 Days campaign  – www.100days.co.nz –  where all legislation pushed through Parliament by ambitious politicians has to stop in its tracks for 100 days, to give the people of the country the opportunity to say – No, we’re not going to have this… or to agree – that has safeguarded Switzerland.

—which is a pity because she talks excellent sense. Her work is of course in a New Zealand context … but bear this in mind, New Zealanders hold themselves to be “the Social Laboratory of the world”. Makes one think, no?

Could it happen to you?

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-22-07-45Naaaa … not while the Dodgers play, Fulham is in to bat or the Black Caps get the kick-off; you know, the really important panem et circenses events that define Truth, Justice, and the vox (oops) the thoughts of the populi.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“The populi can think, Sir?”

“… …. Just a figure of speech, Kid. Don’t sweat the technicalities. No-one else does.”


(PS:  the cheery wee lassie in the pic up above is a Merkel. Note it well, she’s got your interests at heart; whoever and wherever you are. And I do mean that …)




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