years ago reading a book about a treasure on an island. Here, have a nice island—

Oak Island.png

—called Oak Island. Nova Scotia way …

Sold not as fiction but as truth. A very interesting story:  apparently many people took it seriously and headed off to Oak with shovels to make their fortune. The shovels kept getting bigger, occasional adventurers became conglomerates and the hole expanded to eventually obliterate all traces of where the hole first was. No treasure, though. Just an ever expanding mystery within a mystery piled atop mysteries.


to an article in what might, for all I know, be sourced from a fruitcake site—or worse, it might be genuine and serious.

(But first, to not digress, ‘they’ found nicotine in Egyptian mummies in the past. Okay, so what … most folks smoke a little sometime in their lives.)


For intriguing article: CLICK HERE

—this adds a bit of class, no? And if you do go to that link and read up large you’ll find more stuff, like this

Oak Island sword.png

Note that what appears to be a wee lake on the island was once a so-called ‘money pit’. It’s weird how hard folks will work for their free buck …

Here, try this link (click the pic) to another different site that I always find interesting—

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 08.07.10.png
screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-22-07-45—and while you read ponder all sorts of interesting blasphemies such as the age of Man, the spread of civilisations, and why does academia always fight new ideas (viciously with no holds barred and no stones unthrown … until the Old Guard dies off and the new slips quietly into place, rewriting common ‘knowledge’ and consigning both ‘facts’ and cherished beliefs to the great garbage bins of history)?

Don’t ask me — I’m just a cute little puppy with a nice waggy tail. You know: dum’ dawg …


Ask them.




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