images-1Remember, YOU asked for it*.

In the past I’ve stated that we in the west are being quietly invaded. A massive unrecognised but nonetheless conquest: invasion, occupation, and subjugation.


is simple. They come in droves flaunting their needs; of basic human charity we take them in … and the rest, as always, is history.

We average one or two kids per couple, they average four per couple—and in their system each male is allowed (encouraged) to make multiple couples. So they outbreed us, and by simple mathematics outvote us in our own democratic systems. Once ensconced they change the laws from our cultural bases to theirs, we all go Islamic (or else) and bingo! nothing’s ever the same again. Sweet. For some.


or is it? How many millions of Islamic ‘refugees’ have arrived in Europe and the west recently? Oops, don’t ask … let’s move on, away from raving Conspiracy Theory to something from a professional site—

Outraged Danish politicians are demanding that a Syrian refugee take a DNA test to prove that the two wives and nine children he wants to join him in Denmark are really his. Daham Al-Hasan already has one wife and eight children living with him.

The 47-year-old Syrian escaped the town of Deir ez-Zor, north-east Syria in 2014. He then managed to bring his immediate family to live with him in the town of Esbjerg on the Scandinavian nation’s west coast.

Despite polygamy being illegal in Denmark, Al-Hasan wants his other two wives and nine children to join him. He had actually wanted to bring a total of 12 children to live with him, but the eldest three were rejected because they are over the age of 15.

—and we’ll forget that I ever came out with such rubbish. We won’t even consider the possibility that Fourth Generation Warfare is being superbly conducted by a disjointed bunch of ‘ignorant camel humping ragheads straight out of the desert’ … will we?


it gets even more better yet—

Other sources claim that Al-Hasan actually has a total of 23 children, including the three that were disqualified.

—oh dear.

I thank whatever gods there may be that for me it is all academic. I never went forth and multiplied, I have no descendants to worry about. And by writing posts like this I can eventually go with a clear conscience … can you?


A number of MPs have been outraged by Al-Hasan’s request, which would net him a total of 214,128 krone ($32,062) in child support per year if fulfilled …

To read from source: CLICK HERE

So whose taxes are paying for these uninvited herds? Don’t ask …


* You’re a voter, aren’t you? In a ‘Western Democracy’—the selling point of which is that YOU command your politicians …






4 thoughts on “SILENT INVASION

  1. I recall reading the scenario mapped out somewhere many years ago, post Enoch Powell.
    It was labelled racist or Doom and Gloom or Wacko Conspiracy Theory or somesuch.
    It was an article detailing what it would take and in how many years to elect a Muslim president of Canada, if I recall?

    The chickens are not only coming home to roost but the cock is coming too and someone, somewhere is going to get royally screwed.

    Salam alaikum?


    1. Ol’ Enoch wouldn’t be at all pleased at having been such a successful prophet. Successful in that he called it, but a major flop for all the good it did. I guess, as ever, rationality dashes itself to pieces against the rocks of Political Correctness and the eternal human desire for ‘doing the Right Thing’.
      How can one get people to see that desperately winning the approval of their (idiot) peers is not actually the right thing?
      Just keep practising that Arabic—you may never need it, but your downlines will. And a happy Allahu fukbar to all …


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