Argie Gravat.pngare born tusitalas*. Others merely relate cold hard dry cliché facts and have done with it.


I have no answers but am doomed to endless research, much like that ancient mariner chap with the albatross permanently around his scraggy neck and grabbing claw in the ready-use position. Pass the rum, Jim! (That sort of ready-use …)



WELL NOW joshua slocum 1949 reg.jpg

obviously the writings of an ancient mariner, done in the style of ol’ Tusitala (RLS*) himself—so it has to be fiction, no?

CLUE: this guy in the piccie is one Joshua Slocum; always a hero although I know next to nothing about him.

If you’re gripped enough to read on then please do so and be intrigued—


So I spent far too long this afternoon rabbiting through my ancient copy of that book (an elderly paperback version tucked safely away behind layers of dust and spiders in the outside lean-to).

I wanted exactly this bit (the green bits—they add up if you put them end to end) but couldn’t find it, so when all else fails one does what one should have done first:

Mr Google knows everything

He found what I wanted in four diddley-squaths of a second—

q3.png—and if you haven’t twigged yet you obviously haven’t read the quoted book. Don’t worry, it’s still out there.

Meantime, here’s his boat—


—and here’s the trackage of his voyage (around the world, solo) (except for that wee bit of timely supernatural help) and he was the very first—

map tracks.png

(click the pic for the link)

—that we know about. Others have since, and many more will I dare say. (That’s a lot of cans of beans … Al Gore won’t be impressed.)


that as rational as I may be, I just looooove tales like this. They stick in the memory and emerge at the strangest times—much like the Pinta’s scruffy helmsman (who sadly forgot to leave his name) …


* Tusitala … was the name the Samoans bestowed on one Robert Louis Stevenson: “The Teller Of Tales” … arggghh, Jim lad! Bring aft the rum!



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