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of opportunity. Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 08.12.50.png

I’ve just blitzed a news article on ‘education’. As most things academia-ic these days it’s heavily and unsubtly PC slanted.

“In a society committed to equity for all its citizens, education cannot allow itself to perpetuate divisions based on socio-economic status or ethnicity.”


I think that divisions are based more on traits than artificial trends. I’ve shared ‘education’ (think classrooms) with folks of many ethnicities. Even allowing for genderal differences in the old days (boys were rowdy and strutted our stuff, girls were demure and compliant) the fact is that some (dare I say it?) cultures are indoctrinated (read programmed) differently.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 08.13.22.pngDifferent ‘culture’ means different attitude. Period.

Education requires the right attitude.

In New Zealand the Asians (Indians, Chinese) have the right attitude. They achieve. Why is that?

Why should some ‘damned slant-eyed Asiatic’ who is quiet in class, respectful of the teachers, works hard and takes stuff home to continue working hard … get all the prosperity whilst real kiwi kids who compliantly strut their stuff are penalised with low grades?

Official data on all standards sat in every subject for 2015 shows that Maori, Pasifika and low-decile students were less likely to take academic subjects than Pakeha, Asian and high-decile students.

When they did take academic subjects, Maori, Pasifika and low-decile students were less likely to sit exams.

When they sat exams, Maori, Pasifika and low-decile students were less likely to pass.



which sums up simply as: Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 08.12.08.png

Indian immigrants share their finances within their groupings. They fund each other in what appears (to me) to be ‘honour loans’.

Their kids work hard too. They invest, service their investments and prosper. The laundress today funds her kid through to become a lawyer or doctor who will invest wisely and establish a dynasty tomorrow.

The Chinese here likewise. Even in their spare (?) time they are still hard at work (but when they do ‘break out’, wow!).

He said while there was an important place for vocational pathways at secondary school, and while not all students would go to university, it was not right that low participation rates in more academic courses were more common for poor, Maori, or Pasifika students.

“In a society committed to equity for all its citizens, education cannot allow itself to perpetuate divisions based on socio-economic status or ethnicity.”

So if “all men are created equal” … where do differences come in? All robots off the assembly line need identical programming to perform identically, no?

Western Bay of Plenty students are showcasing their kapa haka talents as the second day of the Ra-Whakangahau Festival at Bethlehem School gets underway.

Primary and intermediate schools in the area from Katikati to Paengaroa are taking to the stage to perform in the two day festival.

Greenpark Primary girls perform in the Bethlehem kapa haka festival. Photos Bruce Barnard.

A total of 30 schools will perform 40 acts during the festival.

Bethlehem School principal Brian Field says the festival is an opportunity for schools to showcase the groups and talents of their children.



means that all kids in the NZ schooling systems are fed through the same cultural indoctrination mills. All good clean fun and keeps them off the streets—but is it ‘education’?

“So you wanna job flipping burgers for me? Are you qualified?”

“Sure, mate! I got a Phd in Kapa haka and a black belt in twirling the poi!”

“Far cough … I want someone who can actually do something!”


Thank heavens no New Zealanders ever read my posts … I’d be lynched.



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