Is it PC

or is it me—

Brendan Foley was only three minutes into his first dive on his first day at the site of the 2,100-year-old Antikythera shipwreck when a colleague came swimming over to him.

“You’ve gotta see this,” they said. “We found bones. We found a skull!”


—or is it simply modern (for witch read ‘illiterate’) gramma? Butt weight, the mined bogles at wot this next lin conjas up—

The skeleton Foley and his colleagues just uncovered was probably caught between decks as the ship went down.

Alas, poor skeleton.  It was obviously too slow off the mark when the loud crunch came from the sharp end (sound asleep if I know passengers, just look at Titanic) and that was that. Am 1.png


If you are unfamiliar (oh, come on now … really?) with the Antikythera Mechanism it might pay you to Google said artefact and have your flabbers gasted. Or simply pop over to here: CLICK ME

(CLUE:  “It would be hard to dispute that this is the single most information-rich object that has been uncovered by archaeologists from ancient times.”)

Perhaps not, your  call. Not everyone is fascinated by discoveries that should have rewritten a few scientific ‘facts’ …

AM 2.png

—if anyone can truly call archaeology a ‘science’. Or perhaps it truly is, the absolute paradigm of the modern impartial Search For Truth. Maybe the mechanism so described is all an elaborate hoax—like those things ‘discovered’ at Gobekli Tepe?

AM 3.png

We all know that the ancient Greeks were very good at eurekaing in Athenian bathtubs, or gaming the Olympics and stuff — but gears? Hell, gimme a break … you’ll be telling me that they had meters in their taxi-chariots next!


English grammar, she’s no longer relevant. You need go no further than my own blogs for proof of this—I’ve been taking liberties for years; but I’m off now to read more about those archaeologists from ancient times.

Don’t wait up …





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